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With an extensive variety of first class insurance carriers, Calhoun Insurance in Jacksonville Alabama can help you get the protection you need for the things that you prize most. Our Agency works with insurance carriers that are A rated and have a proven background in handling claims. We only work with the top rated carriers to ensure that our clients get the best rates and the best service. 

Protection that bundles your auto, home and other individual protection needs can make life so much easier. 

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About Our Staff

Cathy Lilio


Cathy Lilio grew up in Calhoun County and attended Welborn High School. She has been working in insurance for 14 years and is the manager of Calhoun County Insurance Center. She is licensed in life, health, and property and casualty insurance.

Cathy has served on the Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce and been on the business expo committee for 9 years.  She has volunteered with Taste of Calhoun County for 9 years, and is the president of the Calhoun County Achievement Foundation.  She has been the head of the Jacksonville Christian Outreach Center's annual Toyland for 2 years, and has volunteered with their Spirit on Mountain Street for 8 years.  

Cathy has been a resident of Weaver in Calhoun County for several years with her husband and 5 kids, and will continue to serve Calhoun Insurance in Jacksonville for years to come.

David Glass


After graduating from Jacksonville State University in 1990 with a Business degree in marketing and management, David joined FKS and Associates, an independent claims adjusting company.  He lived in Mobile, Alabama for 2 years handling home, auto and commercial claims before becoming a Catastrophe Property Adjuster with State Farm Insurance for the next 10 years.

It was during those 10 years of travel throughout the United States that he discovered his "Why" as it relates to the insurance business.  We can REALLY help people when things get sideways.

In 2000, David moved home to start his family, Dahlia, his wife, Josh, his son, and Gillian, his daughter; and to take over his parent's independent insurance agency, Calhoun County Insurance Center, Inc.

Since that time, Calhoun Insurance has opened two branch offices in nearby cities, Calhoun Insurance Oxford and Coosa Insurance in Rainbow City, Alabama, in an effort to duplicate their process and expand their footprint for growth.

A Look At Jacksonville, Alabama 

Jacksonville, AL-Your Kind of Place

Jacksonville, AL is a part of the history of this country. Jacksonville was purchased back in 1833 from the Creek Indian Chief Ladiga. Ladiga signed the Cusseta Treaty of 1832 which stated that the Indians would give up their land but he was allowed to have a plot of land in the county and keep his title of Chief. 


In April 1834 the town built a schoolhouse. By 1836 the Jacksonville Academy was running and by 1837 the Jacksonville Female Academy was opened. It took until 1883 for the schools to become part of the State Normal School. It was not until 1966 that the Jacksonville State Teachers College was awarded full university status. 

Civil War Impact

At one time the county was thriving and then the Civil War broke out. Many of the male citizens including Gallant Pelham from the nearby town of Alexandria were members of the Confederate Army. This town was visited by some top officials in the war including Generals Beruregard, Wheeler, Polk, and B.M Hill. Some of the historic structures in this city served as headquarters during the war . Today the City Cemetery is still a big tourist attraction. There is even a monument where Pelham is buried. This is one of the most visited areas in town. 

Much Charm

As times changed so did Jacksonville. Newcomers to the town brought new industry and new money. Federal dollars came to the area due to the Fort McClellan and the Anniston Army Depot being constructed. This area diversified the population. Jacksonville State grew as well as the Federal Mogul Parker Hannifin brought new jobs to the area. Fort McClellan continued to help the city grow. The location of Jacksonville is ideal but it still has some small town charm. There are a number of great educational programs and the land is reasonably priced for housing. This city will continue to grow. 

The center of Jacksonville is the Public Square. There are a number of local pep rallies and festivals. The shop owners treat everyone like they have known them for a long time. The downtown is a historic area and there are a number of places to get together.

Driver Directions

Areas Calhoun Insurance of Jacksonville Serves:

  • Jacksonville
  • Piedmont
  • Ohatchee
  • Wellington
  • Lenlock
  • Jacksonville State University
  • Alexandria
  • Saks
  • Weaver
  • White Plains
  • Pleasant Valley 
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