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Key Person Life Insurance Policies

In a small business, there are typically "key people" who are critical to the success of the business. This could be the business owner or partners, or other "key" employees such as the senior marketing or sales manager, chief engineer or software developer in the case of a technology company.

In a small business, the death of any of these people could have a serious impact on the business' bottom line. As the owner of the key life insurance policy, the company is the beneficiary and receives the benefits once the employee dies.

Important Features of Key Person Insurance

  • Death benefits can be used to help the business continue until a replacement is recruited and developed.​​
  • Death benefits can be used to buy out the key person's heirs, if ownership rights of the business are involved.
  • Coverage is a business asset that enhances your company’s creditworthiness for commercial borrowing

​Contact Your Key Person Life Insurance Agent

Calhoun and Coosa Insurance Centers represents some of the best key person life insurance companies in the country and will help you find the right coverage for you at the best price available. Simply click here to request more information and one of our experienced agents will contact you with rate comparisons on key person life insurance.

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